G-Series 18L Water Tank

Designed by explorers for explorers, the G-Series 18L Water Tank revolutionises filling, carrying and access to your water storage, in camp and on the road. 

- With a thick-walled rotomoulded construction, the G-Tank is designed to last a lifetime of use and provides a tougher, more durable option when compared to cheaper, thin-walled blow moulded water tanks.

- Moulded using a UV20-rated LLDPE polymer, the G-Tank is designed to outlast 20,000 hours of high-intensity UV exposure. This rating allows the G-Tank to push the boundaries of carrying water

- With the Auto Breather Cap, you never need to open a breather for filling or use.

- The quick-connect enabled Tap Outlet gives you onboard filling (no-need to move the tank!)

- Comfortable carry straps make transporting the tank for use or filling from the river easy.

The hose supplied with the faucet kit is not drinking water safe. It's perfect for easy access hand washing, and washing up water, but we recommend sourcing a 'food safe' hose alternative should you be needing access to drinking water. 

Please note that the VAAST G-Series Tank and faucet itself are moulded from food safe materials and are a great way to carry and access drinking water on the go. 

No you don't, our Auto Breather lets air in when accessing the water in your tank and air out when filling so you're free to leave the tank in situ for filling and use.

Brackets and Adapters

Our current collection allows for an extended array of customisations to the way that you can carry water.

Want to maximise your water-carrying capabilities or have limited roof space?
We recommend the G-Series Vertical Bracket to complete your setup. This product securely mounts your G-Series Water Tank to almost any roof rack/platform system or tray bed and places the tank in the perfect orientation for hose filling and gravity-fed water access.

Want to reduce your profile or get creative with your setup?
Look no further than the G-Series Surface bracket! The Surface Bracket is designed to mount onto both vertical and horizontal surfaces, like the inside or outside of your canopy walls, the inside of your ute/truck tray, or flat on your platform roof rack for lower clearance.

No bracket? No worries!
Simply strap the G-Series Water Tank down to your roof rack or ute tray through the slot in the middle of the tank.

We have lots of mounting bracket ideas in the works. If you have requests, please let us know, we're always interested to hear your ideas!

The tank has been designed for amazing simplicity of filling and use; however, the downside can be small leaks out of the Auto Breather Cap when it's put under pressure by loose cargo on a rough track or tipped on its end in steep terrain. With that in mind, we recommend the G-Series tank to be stowed outside a vehicle to avoid any unfortunate spills.

If you need to store the tank inside your vehicle, we recommend purchasing an additional Tap Outlet and replacing the Auto Breather when in transit for confidence in carrying the G-Series tank inside your vehicle. We're looking to develop a seal cap to support this use case in the future.

We've spent a lot of time in development, engineering and testing in Victoria's High Country, trying to shake the tank free of the vertical and surface bracket. It's safe to say that the tank can't be dislodged through any type of driving we'd subject our test vehicles to.

When your tank is mounted in the Vertical Bracket, please watch for low overhanging branches etc, but more often than not the robust rubber strap will flex rather than break and your tank will stay put right where you want it.

When your tank is mounted in the Surface Bracket on a horizontal surface, ensure that the tank is supported from below.

Yes, a single Vertical Bracket will easily mount along a longitudal roof rack system.

If you're interested in mounting more than one G-Series Water Tank on your roof (or want to customise the position of your Vertical Bracket on your roof), we suggest using a G-Series Double or Triple Vertical Bracket Adapter.

The Double and Triple Adapters allows you to mount 2 or 3 x G-Series Vertical Brackets up next to each other, ensuring that you can maximise rooftop storage in already limited real-estate.

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VAAST is an Australian company. All of our product design & development, as well as the majority of our operations, is based out of our Headquarters right here in Melbourne. 

Our products are currently made in China. All of the manufacturing partners we deal with have been hand-selected based on their professionalism and the quality of work they produce. In many cases, we've been working together for many years now and have forged a very close relationship so now when they produce Vaast products they do it according to our strict guidelines and specifications. 

The reality is that unfortunately, the combination of these benefits would probably be impossible to find in any other country. Having said that, our door is open and we're always looking for awesome manufacturing partners. So if you know of any, please feel free to make an introduction!