VAAST Product Warranty

VAAST will warranty the original purchaser for faulty design, materials and workmanship of all Vaast products for a period of 2 years from original purchase date. 

Please retain your proof of purchase to assist with this process in the unlikely event that an issue arises. Please take care of your VAAST product, and you will enjoy long and reliable use. Should you have an issue with materials or workmanship please contact us via our support email address and we'll ensure we respond to your enquiry within 24hrs, and aim to resolve the issue as quickly as possible with replacement of all or part of your VAAST product. 

We may need to inspect the faulty product to assist with ongoing product improvement and quality control, so please ensure you are able to return the product to us (at VAAST's expense) should an issue occur.

Accidental product damage

We know accidents can happen but at VAAST we believe in repairing rather than replacing, so if your issue is not warranty based but you still need assistance, we'll be happy to help you with replacement parts to get you up and going again. 

Limit of Liability

VAAST are happy to provide repair or replacement of a defective VAAST product or where appropriate (as considered by VAAST) issue a refund or credit, however this is the limit of this warranty. Vehicle, property, business and/or personal damage is not included under this warranty.

We recommend all VAAST products to be installed with strict adherence to the relevant installation instructions and work to be performed by a competent installer.

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